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    June 23, 2020 3 min read


    In this all new edition of “what’s new with Pro Eagle” we want to get you up to speed on our new international presence, continued testing of new products that will debut soon and an overview of a recent show with one of our great partners 4WP. We are not a company / brand that is ok with sitting still. We are constantly striving to make our current product better, bring new products to serve our customer better and build the best relationships possible with our customers, fans and distributors of our product. Thank you for being a fan of Pro Eagle and we hope you enjoy this update.

    This years Baja 500 was one for the books. We always jump at the opportunity to head out to the races and meet with customers / users, get feedback, put product to work in race conditions and to test new prototypes. We are always looking for ways to make our products better and there is no better way than getting firsthand experience especially in Baja. We went down to assist Adrian Orellana and his team, Rancho Racing. Since Adrian has been on Team Pro Eagle for a number of years and has many jacks in his arsenal, we only took one jack for us to use as well as the prototype jacks we wanted to test.

    UTV Jack, Off Road Jack, SXS, Polaris RZR, Canam X3, UTV

    As soon as we arrived in Ensenada we received a desperate call from Kristin Matlock saying they had forgotten one of their jacks at home and needed a spare. We gladly met up with her team before the race and gave them our jack.

    Matlock Racing, Wayne Matlock, Kristen Matlock, Baja 500

    That left us with only our prototype jacks to make it through pre running and race day. We are happy to report that we had zero issues with either of the new jacks. We were able to help quite a few teams over the 18+ hours we were out on the race course chasing Adrian from the Pacific Side, over to the Sea of Cortez and then back to the Pacific. Congratulations to Adrian for taking home 3rd place in Pro UTV N/A. To the Trophy Truck team we helped lift with our prototype meant for UTV’s, sshhhhh don’t show anyone the pictures until after it makes it’s big debut later this year.

    4WP Ontario Truck & Jeep Fest

    Truck & Jeep Fest in Ontario, CA is one of 4 Wheel Parts largest retail shows all year. Since this one is in our backyard we wanted to make a good impression. We were given a spot to display the Pro Eagle Jeep at the entrance to the convention center. We used a two ton big wheel jack in the center of the wheelbase and lifted the driver side front AND back tires off the ground. We figured it would make a great statement on the strength and reliability of the jack to lift the whole drivers’ side and then leave it like that for 2 days. We pulled the handle, so nobody could mess with it, and never had to touch it again until Sunday afternoon when the show was over. We received many compliments from surprised consumers that had doubted the jacks capabilities. We made a believer out of them.

    Pro Eagle, Ontario Truck & Jeep Fest, 4 Wheel Parts, 4WP

    We are still a growing company so we called in favors from family and friends. We had some push a jack around and hand out flyers and some helped in our “booth” when we got busy. It never stops surprising us when we meet and talk to people that have never heard of us. It just shows us that sacrificing weekends to work at shows is paying off. Even if we only reach one person that had never heard of us, then we still consider it a victory. Obviously selling jacks is our main purpose and we had little issue there.

    We appreciate the opportunities our vendors have given us to get Pro Eagle jacks out in front of so many new customers. We will continue our mission to tell our story and present our brand to every off road enthusiast all over the world.

    Our first step towards world domination has taken place recently. We have expanded into Australia and have been working with Andrew Becquet and his distribution company that has recently launched Pro Eagle Australia.

    Pro Eagle Australia

    Pro Eagle AU is set up with inventory of all Pro Eagle products as well as parts and pieces for repairs if needed. They have set up a pricing structure to make it possible for dealers to make needed margins and for the consumer to get great pricing.

    Pro Eagle Australia

    Australia has always been eager to get Pro Eagle jacks but the cost of shipping them there has priced them out of the market for consumers. Pro Eagle Australia is already going strong as sales increase every day.



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