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    enero 27, 2021 2 lectura mínima 3 Comentarios


    Barney Lewis from Legendex and his mates at Moreton IslandHELLO OVERLANDERS/TOURING AUSSIES!


    You have the ultimate adventure machine. You have fitted everything you need on it. You can travel long distances off grid with some degree of comfort, and over an extended period of time. You are ready for everything.

    But, are you REALLY?

    Compare modern touring vehicles to those from 20 or 30 years ago, and you’ll realise how much bigger, taller, and more off-road-capable new vehicles have become from the factory. But they have also become much much heavier. However, jack design hasn’t changed much in recent decades. Pro Eagle saw this as an opportunity to improve upon the conventional floor jack design, and make something specifically for those of us who like to get out and explore. And for those who may have to get out just because they have to in certain circumstances.

    If you break down, in difficult terrain and need to lift your vehicle by yourself quickly what do you do?

    Barney Lewis in his Legendex Toyota Hilux at Moreton Island

    Pro Eagle Jacks are used extensively by off-road racers, and feature several distinguishing features that improve their capabilities on surfaces other than pavement. Our2 Ton Big Wheel Jack , Aka "The Beast" has large non-pneumatic tires, designed to roll easily through dirt, gravel, rocks, and most other surfaces.

    Jacks can be heavy, they often become stuck on the smallest debris, some lack the lifting power for large (or even small) vehicles, and they sometimes come up too short to even get the tires off the ground. This can be frustrating! 
    Fortunately, Pro Eagle shared the frustrations of many and set out to build a jack that not only overcome's these challenges but also excelled in an area most floor jacks don't: Off-Road.

    Barney Lewis from Legendex using our 2 ton Pro Eagle Off-Road Trolley Jack

    Maybe you are thinking, this is nice, but how do a carry such a tool with the rest of my stuff?  We Hear YA!
    Made of stainless steel, and easily bolted to your vehicle with 4 pre drilled holes, our Mounting Brackets securely hold the Jack, it's handles and our optional Tire Change Tool Kit safely and securely.
    This Mount features 2 anti rattle straps threaded through laser cut holes to significantly reduce noise. The straps keep the jack tight and secure reducing movement and noise. Straps also secure the jack handles which sit in the bed of the mount.

    This is the perfect wheeled hydraulic off road jack built for racing. We developed the ultimate off road floor jack, and added needed features along the way:

    Barney Lewis removing our 2 Ton Off-Road Trolley Jack from the Pro Eagle Mount on his Legendex Toyota Hilux

    Our proven, tested, and punished Off Road Jacks are ready for everything, how about you?


    Barney Lewis jacking up his Legendex Toyota Hilux at Moreton Island to fix a flat tire

    3 Respuestas

    Sam Ayson
    Sam Ayson

    enero 29, 2021

    Finally a product that solves the problem of jacking up lifted 4×4’s properly! Thanks Pro Eagle for the quick delivery and good old fashion customer service!

    Michael Danks
    Michael Danks

    enero 29, 2021

    What a product! These pro eagle jacks are the best out there & not to mention the team were absolutely amazing to deal with. Will be recommending to everyone. Cheers boys 👍

    Eric Wood
    Eric Wood

    enero 27, 2021

    Huge thanks to Andrew and his team for a great product and service I needed a jack that could lift my 4wd without a issue and I had been using a high lift jack which was very dangerous and unsafe now I have my pro eagle I know I won’t run into and issues again thanks again guys

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