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    Do you offer sponsorship?

    On occasions we do. Please send a detailed proposal to andrew@proeagle.com.au 

    Do the wheels lock?

    No the wheels do not lock. The jack needs to be able to roll under the vehicle while lifting. The lift arm moves in an arc meaning it goes up AND moves back. This means that the jack needs to be able to roll under the load while the arm is moving up. The vehicle should be in park and the wheels should be chocked.  

    What jack is right for my vehicle?

    We recommend the 3 ton jack for vehicles like an F250 or larger. Anything under that can be handled by our 2 ton jacks. Keep in mind that your Ford Ranger may weigh 2.3 Tonne but that is the weight of the entire vehicle. When using a floor jack you are never lifting the entire vehicle at once. 

    Should I get a big wheel jack or is the standard jack ok for me? 

    The larger wheel just makes the jack easier to move on uneven ground. If your primary use will be in a garage or shop floor then the standard jack will meet your needs. 

    Does the jack come with the extension?

    All of our jacks come with an 8" extension, mounting bracket and built in skid plate. 

    What is the warranty? 

    All of our jacks come with a 2 year full replacement warranty. 

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    My jack only seems to go up half way then feels mushy. How do I fix it? 

    On occasions the jacks will lose prime. This may happen from sitting for long periods of time without use, high heat or cold conditions, extreme vibration or from being stored vertically. This can be easily fixed. Turn the handle counterclockwise as you would if you were lowering the jack. Then pump the handle 10-12 times with full strokes. This will prime the system and push out any trapped air. Tighten the handle by turning it clockwise and it should work just fine.  

    I run a shop and want to become a dealer, who do I contact? 

    We always welcome new opportunities and partnerships. We require a 5 jack minimum opening order. If you can meet the minimum requirements then please complete this formDEALER APPLICATION